Keeping Skunks Out Of Your Yard: Three Ideas To Consider

Posted on: 20 June 2017

Seeing a skunk in your yard is not a pleasant experience. These pesky creatures can spray you, your children, or your pets, leaving behind a stinky mess. If you've noticed skunks in your neighborhood and want to keep them away from your yard and garden, here are some ideas you can put to use.

Install Bright Lights

Skunks are typically most active at night, and bright lights can scare them off. Install motion-detecting flood lights in your back yard, and keep your porch lights on at night. You may also want to install lights near your garage where you keep your garbage cans as an added layer of defense against skunks entering your yard. Be careful when walking through the yard at night, however, as the bright lights can startle the skunks, which might result in you getting sprayed if you are too close.

Fill In Empty Holes

If you notice divots or holes in your yard, pack them with dirt, rock, or sand. These holes can provide a convenient place for skunks to build a den, which means they can make themselves right at home in your yard. Be sure to check the holes first before you fill them, especially in the spring, as they might already be in use as homes for baby skunks. Your pest control expert can remove and relocate any skunks that have already made a home in your yard.

Restrict Access To Fruits And Veggies

Whether you have a vegetable garden or fruit trees in your yard, they can be seen as buffets by hungry skunks. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to restrict access to your fresh fruits and veggies. Pick up fruits or berries that fall on the ground to reduce the chances of skunks coming to feast on them, and consider sinking a fence into the ground around your garden. You'll want to make the fence posts deep, as skunks can burrow into the ground. If you aren't sure how to go about this, you can hire a contractor to install the fence for you. You can also used an electrified fence at night, but take care to make sure it's turned off when children and pets are in the yard.

If you suspect you have a skunk problem, talk to an experienced pest control expert. Attempting to remove the skunks yourself can result in you getting sprayed or even being injured. Use these steps to help keep them out of your yard and garden so you can your family can enjoy the warm weather this summer.