Time For Turf? 4 Steps To A Happy, Healthy Lawn

Posted on: 7 March 2017

If you've been longing for a lush, green lawn, turf is the way to go. With turf, you won't have to worry about choosing the right seed mixture, or waiting for those seeds to germinate. Instead, you'll have a beautiful lawn from the get-go. Of course, this instant beauty comes with its own specific requirements for care. By following the guidelines provided here, you'll be able to enjoy your own beautiful lawn.

Give it Plenty of Water

Once your turf has been laid in your yard, you'll need to provide it with plenty of water. Those initial watering sessions will ensure a deep root growth, which will help keep your lawn healthy. If you live in an area with drought restrictions, it's best to avoid having your turf laid during the warm part of the year.

Instead, have your turf laid later in the year, closer to fall when the temperatures are cooler. This will ensure that the water you're using is able to get to the roots quicker, which will allow you to use less water. When watering your sod, it's important to avoid overwatering it. If you're not sure about the overwatering, simply lift up on one corner of the sod – carefully. If you see puddling under the sod, you've watered too much.

Look But Don't Walk

As soon as you have your new turf, you may be tempted to walk on it. However, walking on your new turf during the first few weeks can damage the delicate root system. To protect your new turf, don't walk on it for at least a couple of weeks. Once the root system is established, you'll be able to walk and run on your turf without harming it.

Take Care When Mowing

If you're used to caring for traditionally germinated lawns, mowing your new turf will require some practice. The most important thing you can remember is that your turf should be mowed across the seams. Mowing with the seams will separate your turf and prevent even growth. Beginning on one side of the lawn, mow in even rows back and forth across the seams. This will allow your lawn to blend together along the seams.

Choose Organic Fertilizer

You've spent a lot of time and effort to create a beautiful turf lawn. The last thing you want to do is spoil it with harsh fertilizers. To keep your lawn healthy and strong, use organic fertilizers. They contain no harsh chemicals that will damage your lawn. Not only that, they're also good for the environment.

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